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UAE environment minister issues resolution on banned pesticides

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Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahad, UAE Minister of Environment and Water, has issued a resolution to regulate the distribution and use of banned and restricted pesticides, given the risks they pose to public health.

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Under the ministerial resolution, all companies, individuals and government and private institutions are prohibited from producing, manufacturing, installing, processing, importing, or using any banned and restricted pesticides in the country.

The resolution allows companies and institutions to register restricted pesticides, based on the specific purpose of each pesticide. It is also not permitted to register or import for purposes other than those they are registered for.

The ministry stressed that companies, institutions, and individuals working with pesticides should comply with the rules and regulations in E-guide regarding registered pesticides in the UAE.

The ministry also warned all companies and suppliers not to violate regulations, and added that violations shall incur penalties as per provisions of the Federal Law No 41 for 1992.

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