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UK milk production moves ahead of normal profile

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The UK milk production has been increasingly edging ahead of year earlier levels in recent months, AHB reports.

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Following updates to Defra production figures, GB deliveries during the July-September period are estimated at 2,909m litres, approximately 2% higher than 2016 volumes.

AHDB estimates for October show production is continuing to move up, reaching 989m litres during the month, 4% higher than last year.

These developments mean production has increasingly deviated from the tracker**, flattening off at a higher level than if it was following the normal profile for the year.

According to Kingshay, overall milk yields in September were 4% higher than last year, with the rise driven by concentrate feeding. In fact, yields from forage were recorded at 4% lower than last year.

Increased use of feed, encouraged by improvements to producer profitability this year, is therefore bolstering production.

Between July and September 2017, GB production of dairy compound and blend feeds was 5% above the five-year average for the period.

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