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UK milk production running ahead, says AHDB

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By April 22, GB milk production was running around 1.1% above the AHDB milk tracker and 2.0% above last year.

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Good forage growth through March and early April has helped lift milk volumes quicker than normal.

If production continues at 1.1% above the tracker for the remainder of the month, then April milk volumes for GB would come out at around 1,065m litres.

This would be around 20ml (1.6%) above April last year, but 20ml below April 2015. This is not a forecast, but a projection based on current levels and historic trends.

More recently, forage growth has been hampered by the cold temperatures. Daily figures are not yet available to see what impact this has had on milk production, but the expectation is that the growth rate will have slowed somewhat.

As a result, overall production may move back closer to the 2017-18 tracker line.

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