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Ukraine bans imports of cattle from countries where LSD spread

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The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumers' Rights Protection has imposed a ban on imports of cattle and associated products from countries where Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) was recorded.

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"A ban on imports of cattle and associated products from the countries where the disease was recorded has been introduced. We are drawing up rules to prevent the spread of the disease and combating it. This week a first draft document will be filed for approval," Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety Volodymyr Lapa wrote on his Facebook page.

He said that in July, 154 LSD cases were recorded in Russia, 141 in Serbia, 93 in Macedonia and 31 in Greece. Some cases are also recorded in Kazakhstan, Albania and Montenegro.

Lapa said that the authority will issue one-time permits to import vaccine if it were required.

"We are ready to quickly test and register vaccine if the application is submitted. The issue of vaccine supplies is being discussed," he said.

As reported, the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine is alarmed over quick spread of LSD among cattle in the world and the threat of possible losses of Ukrainian farmers due to loss of animals.

At present no LSD cases have been recorded in Ukraine. The speed of the disease spreading is 70-100 km per day.

The association said that there is currently no treatment. All infected animals and those that have contacts with them are killed to not allow spreading of the disease.

According to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), LSD is actively spread in Romania, Hungary, Australia, Russia, Armenia and Iran.

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