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Union in Scotland asks retailers to sell milk instead of fizzy drinks

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NFU Scotland has written to the nation’s biggest supermarkets asking them to reposition fresh milk in their Scottish stores as a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks.

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Supermarkets in Devon were encouraged by a local tenant farmer to sell one-pint cartons of fresh milk in their sandwich "food to go" chillers. The response in the Tesco stores involved has been encouraging with the retailer reported to be considering a wider roll-out of the scheme.

Last week, NFU Scotland wrote to the four largest supermarket retailers in Scotland – Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s - urging them to look favourably on this pilot and urging them to explore opportunities to make fresh milk available in front-of-store convenience chillers in Scotland.

With the vast majority of Scottish dairy farmers currently receiving some of the worst milk prices in a generation, the Union is keen to see retailers look at fresh ideas to promote and sell milk and dairy products while at the same time guaranteeing that a fairer share of the margin arrives back at the farm gate.

Following the successful campaign in Devon, Milk Committee Chairman Graeme Kilpatrick has written to the supermarkets, asking them to reposition milk so that it is an attractive option to those shoppers buying a sandwich lunch or snacks.

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