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Value chain approach to help Caribbean aquaculture grow

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The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) is working with member states to try and take the first steps in adding value to fish, a change which could multiply earnings from the sector.

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Chief Fisheries Officers, Senior Fisheries Officers and private sector representatives from 17 CRFM Member States learned about the application of the value chain approach to the fisheries and aquaculture sector when they attended a workshop held in Suriname, reports TheBahamasWeekly.

This success did not happen overnight—it arose out of a period of crisis, when the country was experiencing a decline in its fisheries after the 1960s.

However, they were able to turn things around largely by applying the value chain approach to make better use of their resources—such as improving quality, making beauty products from fish guts and adopting a market-driven approach to fisheries. The Icelandic economy with a per capita GDP of about US$45,000, is driven largely by the fisheries sector.

Applying the value chain approach begins with the simple things, starting with preparatory activities before the fishers go to sea, and then extending to harvesting, handling, processing, marketing and distribution.

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