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Welsh farm labour falls to lowest figures since 1998

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Welsh agricultural labour has fallen to its lowest level since 1998, according to official government figures.

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The figures, which show a 20-year low for farm labour, were released as part of the Welsh government's Agricultural and Horticultural Survey, which has been carried out since 1867 to provide estimates of agricultural activity in Wales on an annual basis.

These annual results provide estimates for Wales as a whole for agricultural land use, livestock on farms and the number of people working on agricultural holdings. The recent report shows figures as at 1 June 2017.

The figures show that 51,943 people were employed on Welsh farms in 2017. In 1998, this figure was 61,952.

Regular and casual workers total 11,962 of the 2017 figure, while the rest is comprised of all principal farmers, directors, business partners and their spouses full-time and part-time.

However, those working for specialist contractors were not included in the figures.

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