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While Brits don't want chlorine chicken, U.S. says it has best food

Christian Fernsby |
U.S. trade talks with the EU and the UK have stalled in part due to suspicions of poor American food standards, Washington's chief negotiator said.

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"I think there's a desire to make things work through, but for whatever reason we haven't made much headway," U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

"There is a sense in Europe, which I think is shared hopefully not as deeply with (Britain) as it is with Europe that American food is unsafe."

He dismissed the worries however as "thinly veiled protectionism."

These are "very difficult issues with Europe and they will be very difficult issues with the UK. Also I'm hopeful...that we'll work our way through them."

Lighthizer claimed that the U.S. "has the best agriculture in the world" as well as "the safest, highest standards.

"I think we shouldn't confuse science with consumer preference," he said.

With the UK, however, "we will have agricultural problems" in negotiations, he warned.

Lighthizer vowed that there would be no compromise regarding U.S. agricultural exports.

"We either have a fair access for agriculture or won't have to deal with either one of them," he said.

More than one million people have signed a petition calling on the Government to protect British food standards from inferior foreign imports such as chlorine washed chicken.

The Mail on Sunday's campaign to keep controversial U.S. food products off UK supermarket shelves has given fresh impetus to the plea by the National Farmers' Union.

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