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British Airways says human error led to travel chaos for 75.000 passengers

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The boss of British Airways' parent company says that human error caused an IT meltdown that led to travel chaos for 75,000 passengers.

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Willie Walsh, chief executive of IAG, said an engineer disconnected a power supply, with the major damage caused by a surge when it was reconnected.

He said there would now be an independent investigation “to learn from the experience”.

However, some experts say that blaming a power surge is too simplistic.

Mr. Walsh, appearing at an annual airline industry conference in Mexico on Monday, said: “It's very clear to me that you can make a mistake in disconnecting the power.

”It's difficult for me to understand how to make a mistake in reconnecting the power,“ he said. He told reporters that the engineer was authorized to be in the data centre, but was not authorized ”to do what he did“.

IAG has commissioned an ”independent company to conduct a full investigation“ into the IT crash and is ”happy to disclose details“ of its findings, Mr. Walsh said. The name of the company involved had not been disclosed.

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