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Citibank launches voice recognition in Taiwan

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Citibank Taiwan launched a voice recognition system, becoming the first banking institution to have such technology available in the local banking sector.

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Citibank customers will be able to call the bank's customer services center to sign up for the use of the voice recognition function.

The bank said that the new technology will allow the bank to identify customers who call the bank in only 15 seconds, about one-third of the time needed by a traditional identification method, which requires a password input whenever a call is made.

Citibank said that each human voice has unique traits, such as voice wavelengths, frequencies, strengths and rhythms, so it is hard to falsify a human voice.

Once a Citibank customer registers his or her voice under the new identification system, the customer will enjoy a streamlined process for the bank to identify who is calling. In addition, customers will not have to reset their passwords as required by the bank at certain intervals.

Citibank launched the voice recognition system in the U.S. market in 2015 for the first time. Earlier this month, the U.S.-based banking giant announced that it would roll out the technology across Asia with Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong as the first four locations in the Asia-Pacific region to have such technology.

The bank said that it is planning to push for the voice recognition function in a total of 12 markets in the Asia-Pacific region by 2017.

The bank added that it expects the new technology to attract 1 million customers in the region in 12 months, with the number likely to rise to 3 million in three years.

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