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Facebook doesn't stand a chance among Japanese women

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The most popular social service among women in Japan is not Facebook but Line which continues its domination of the island nation’s social media landscape, according to Bwrite and Skets.

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A May 2015 survey found that just under 70% of female internet users in Japan used Line. It was much more common among women in their 20s, at 94% penetration. Line’s reach dropped to 50.6% among respondents in their 40s.

Among the overall survey population, Facebook’s reach was 2.4 percentage points lower than Line’s. But the differences were more extreme among the youngest respondents: Female internet users ages 20 to 29 were 19 percentage points more likely to use Line than Facebook.

Twitter was less commonly used than Facebook, at 61.2% of all respondents, and was the only other service to reach at least 50% penetration.

But for brands trying to reach these women, Line may not be the best option. Only 40.8% said they used Line to follow brand or company accounts, vs. 51.6% who said the same of Facebook and 45.2% who did so on Twitter.

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