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Facebook faces grilling by Canadian politicians

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Canadian politicians grilled Facebook executives as to why they did not tell more than 600,000 Canadians their privacy may have been breached.

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The response from the senior Facebook leadership team was an apology. “What is alleged to have occurred is a huge breach of trust to our users, and for that we are sorry,” said Kevin Chan, head of public policy for Facebook in Canada.

The House of Commons committee asked Facebook privacy officer Robert Sherman why, when the company learned of the breaches in 2016, Canadians were not told. “In retrospect, we should have done that,” Sherman replied.

The irony is that it was a Canadian, Christopher Wylie, who blew the whistle on breaches of privacy that affected more than 80 million Facebook users worldwide.

The data was gathered by Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm, that sold the information from profiles that showed what pages users liked, birth dates, religious beliefs and more.

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