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Facebook opens large center for monitoring content in Sofia

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Facebook, has officially announced it will open an office in Sofia to control and moderate content.

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The content review center will be in partnership with TELUS International, one of the largest outsourcing companies in Bulgaria.

The news was reported to by the head of the content policy department of the company.

"Next year, around 150 employees will work in this center to review content and support the many different Facebook communities," the company's official announcement said.

The number of people in the office will depend on the number of reported posts and photos Facebook receives.

If their number increases, the social network will work again with TELUS International to recruit new people.

The office in Sofia is part of the European expansion of Facebook after in 2018 they opened offices in Barcelona and Latvia with the same goal .

In total, this Facebook team worldwide has 30,000 people, half of whom validate publications.

Employees in these centers are reviewing content that potentially infringes social networking rules and needs human intervention.

The rest of Facebook's moderation is done through artificial intelligence.

The team in Sofia will review reported posts in Turkish, Russian and Kazakh language.

It will be trained by TELUS International.

The office will start work in weeks, and people's training is underway.

"What TELUS International can do for us is to help us quickly review the millions of reports we receive every day, and our partner can find people and train them very quickly," representative of Facebook said.

"Like all other similar centers in Sofia, the work will take place in many different languages, which is why we have chosen Sofia - a cosmopolitan city with qualified multilingual staff," the company's announcement said.

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