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Facebook shared data with smartphone makers

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Facebook is back in the news regarding the way the company handles user data. The New York Times revealed that Facebook had multiple data-sharing deals in place with smart device makers like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

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Facebook has shared data with such companies for years, letting device makers use features such as 'like' buttons and address books in their gadget's software.

However, it's come to light that said access ended up being "deep access", whereby the companies could take a peek at both a user's data and that of their friends, all without their explicit consent.

According to The New York Times, Facebook did this even after it declared it would no longer share such "deep access" with external companies.

This was to the extent that some companies could retrieve data on a Facebook user's friends even when such sharing was thought to have been barred.

Apple CEO Tim cook said in the statement: "The things mentioned in the Times article about relationship statuses and all these kinds of stuff, this is so foreign to us, and not data that we have ever received at all or requested - zero.

"What we did was we integrated the ability to share in the operating system, make it simple to share a photo and that sort of thing.

"So it's a convenience for the user.

"We weren't in the data business. We've never been in the data business."

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