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Faulty Japanese quake absorbers were shipped to Taiwan

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The Japanese company that falsified quality test data on earthquake dampers admitted Friday that it supplied the questionable products to Taiwan, on top of the wide swath of private and government properties at home.

Tokyo-based hydraulics parts maker KYB revealed in a press conference that it exported to Taiwan quake-damping devices and seismic isolators that did not satisfy local quality standards. "I don't have specific figures [of the cases in Taiwan] now, but the figure is much less than Japan," said Shigeki Hirokado, president of Kayaba System Machinery, the KYB subsidiary that produces the devices.

The dampers function as a type of shock absorber that reduces shaking caused by earthquakes.

The suspect dampening devices were mainly used for apartments in Taiwan, Hirokado said, adding that the products have not been shipped to other overseas markets. When asked if the company needs to exchange the products, he said, "We will talk with customers."

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