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FTC says Danaher Corporation’s acquisition of GE Biopharma anticompetitive

Christian Fernsby |
The Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order settling charges that Danaher Corporation’s acquisition of GE Biopharma would likely reduce competition in highly concentrated markets that supply biopharmaceutical companies with key inputs.

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Danaher is divesting to Sartorius AG all rights and assets to research, develop, manufacture, market, and sell these products. Based in Germany, Sartorius provides bioprocessing equipment and other products to the life sciences industry.

The products to be divested include: microcarrier beads, conventional low-pressure liquid chromatography columns, conventional low-pressure liquid chromatography skids, single-use low pressure liquid chromatography skids, chromatography resins, low-pressure liquid chromatography continuous chromatography systems, single-use tangential flow filtration systems, and label-free molecular characterization instruments.

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