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Gazprom may stop gas deliveries to Turkey via Bulgaria soon

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Gazprom will stop gas deliveries to Turkey via Bulgaria and Romania after the sea section of the Turkish Stream pipeline is commissioned.

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“The two sides understand that gas delivered from the Russian Federation to the Turkish Republic will be shipped using the sea segment 1 (the first line of the Turkish Stream pipeline) from the date it is inaugurated from the border of the Turkish Republic with the Republic of Bulgaria,” the document read.

By the time the sea segment of the Turkish Stream is launched, the states will have amended technical conditions of agreements on gas deliveries through the territory of Bulgaria.

The changes will not affect business terms of the contracts, the treaty read.

Presently Russia delivers gas to Turkey using the Blue Stream pipeline and the Transbalkan pipeline via Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.

Gas shipments to Turkey via the Transbalkan pipeline will be ceased after the Turkish pipeline is commissioned, according to the document.

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