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Hungary seeking for Facebook guarantees on user info protection

Christian Fernsby |
Hungary is demanding guarantees from Facebook that it will not pass on the conversations of its Hungarian users to third parties, according to official sources.

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"Hungary will seek written guarantees from Facebook that the transcripts of Hungarian users' conversations will not be passed on to third parties," declared Attila Peterfalvi, head of the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom (NAIH), quoted by Hungarian news agency MTI.

On Wednesday, Facebook admitted that it recorded the conversations of the users of its Messenger chat application and made transcripts of those, adding that this happened with the consent of users. However, Facebook said it would cease the practice.

Given that Facebook has its European headquarters in Ireland, in the European Union, the case will be investigated by the Irish Data Protection Commission. But Peterfalvi noted that Hungary would work closely with its Irish counterpart on the matter.

"Should Facebook's guarantees prove insufficient, Hungary will use the EU's data protection directive GDPR to enforce its demand," Peterfalvi stressed.

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