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IKEA expands U.S. parental leave to 4 months regardless of working hours

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IKEA International will offer U.S. employees up to four months of paid parental leave, bringing benefits usually reserved for salaried workers to an hourly workforce.

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IKEA has roughly 13,000 U.S. employees, and the benefits apply to all employees regardless of how many hours they work.

Under the new program, which goes into effect Jan.uary 1, employees with at least one year of tenure will receive their full base pay for the first six weeks of leave, and half of their base pay for an additional six weeks.

Employees who have been with IKEA for three or more years can receive full pay for eight weeks and half pay for eight weeks.

That is far from the 68 weeks of pay available to parents in IKEA’s home country, where the government subsidizes benefits. But for the U.S., the only industrialized country with no national paid-leave policy, IKEA’s program is generous.

Until now, IKEA gave five days of paid time off for new parents along with disability-related pay for birth mothers of up to eight weeks.

The new benefits are available to mothers and fathers and can cover time off after a birth, adoption, or placement of a foster child.

People with less than a year of tenure are also eligible for the disability-related pay.

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