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Italian government slams Ryanair for warning staff not to strike

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Ryanair’s attempts to stop its staff in Italy going on strike are “shameful”, the Italian economy minister said.

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The budget airline sent a letter to Italian cabin crew on Tuesday warning them that they would jeopardize their chances of pay rises, transfers or promotions if they join a planned strike on December 15th.

If a single member of the cabin crew takes part, all crew will lose the the schedule they’re currently guaranteed, said the note from Ryanair’s head of personnel.

The threats appear to violate the Italian constitution, according to the watchdog that monitors industrial action in Italy, which pointed out that the right to strike is protected by law.

Labour Minister Giuliano Poletti called Ryanair’s action “extremely serious”, while Economic Development Minister Carlo Calenda warned the Irish airline: “You can’t go into the market, take the advantages and not respect the rules”.

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