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Mitsubishi recalls 80,000 vehicles over acceleration issue

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Mitsubishi has recalled more than 80,000 cars from the 2015-2016 model years for CVT defect that could cause acceleration delay.

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During initial acceleration from a standstill, or when accelerating again after either constant speed operation or coasting down, affected CVT equipped vehicles may experience a hesitation if the range switch momentarily experiences a loss of signal, the company said.

The recall covers 82,436 vehicles of 2015-16 Outlander Sport crossovers, 2016 Outlander crossovers and 2016 Lancer compact cars, according to Mitsubishi. The transmission was manufactured by Japanese supplier JATCO.

Mitsubishi has asked owners of all affected vehicles to bring in their vehicles for repair. The CVT-ECU will be reprogramed with a modified software for free.

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