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No media plan can be made without Facebook

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Usage trends and advertiser attitudes are favorable toward Facebook in Western Europe.

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This is according to a new eMarketer report, “Facebook Ad Spending Outside North America: Trends for 2015 and Beyond,” a comprehensive look at Facebook’s global ad business.

Every European agency executive interviewed by eMarketer for the report said client ad spending was increasing. Most cited two key drivers: Facebook’s massive scale and its efforts to prove the effectiveness of ads placed there.

“Facebook’s reach, targeting options, mobile ad models and performance all contribute to the fact that hardly any media plan can be made today without including Facebook in the mix,” said Guy Kedar, digital partner and head of social at MEC.

Ad budgets are increasing because “Facebook provides huge reach, huge coverage in Europe. It also has very high engagement,” said Bijan White, chief digital officer for EMEA at Maxus.

“The second reason is greater access to data. Facebook is very good now at commoditizing their data and using their data to attract advertisers.”

Facebook’s results back this up. In Europe, Facebook’s ad revenues grew 59.9% last year, to $3.13 billion. Facebook combines Western Europe and certain countries in Eastern and Central Europe into one region for its revenue reporting, but it can be assumed that the bulk comes from countries that would be considered part of Western Europe.

By comparison, ad revenues grew 66.6% in North America last year, to $5.29 billion, according to Facebook.

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