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Restaurant businesses to profit from Halton and Reco-Air’s strategic partnership

Christian Fernsby |
Halton Group will manufacture a British company, Reco-Air's, patented air recirculation worldwide.


The idea is to integrate the solutions with Halton's comprehensive high-performance commercial kitchen systems.

Along with the partnership, Halton will extend its offering to cover environments that do not allow the use of traditional kitchen ventilation solutions due to missing or restricted kitchen-based ventilation ducting for air exhaust extraction in the building, or where new ducting would be prohibitively expensive.

The accredited technology of the solutions also enables them to be used in high-risk venues such as shopping malls and passenger terminals.

Along with the new partnership agreement, Halton will provide its commercial kitchen customers and stakeholders with new business opportunities boosted by certain consumer trends.

“In recent years, the focus in eating out has shifted towards eating while travelling which is associated with commuting, business trips or holiday travel.

“At the same time, the popularity of conveniently situated smaller grocery outlets that are rather focused on selling take-away meals than seating a lot of customers has increased,” describes Georges Gaspar, Director of Halton Foodservice.

“We are very happy about the new partnership agreement with Reco-Air and that in the future, we will be able to support the development of restaurant service offering and the realisation of innovative foodservice concepts serving people’s needs in all kinds of indoor environments,” Gaspar says.

Nigel Dickens, Co-founder and CEO of Reco-Air, has the following to say: “We are delighted to expand our already established and successful collaboration with Halton to a global platform.

“Reco-Air has developed key relationships with global Food and Beverage operators, and we can now further support our valued clients through our Halton colleagues worldwide.”

Modern air recirculation technology fits the needs of different sized kitchens and makes kitchen design much easier

Combining Halton's high-performance and energy-efficient systems with Reco-Air's air recirculation technology enables the effective control of kitchen emissions, the extraction of food preparation odours, and the management of fire safety, as well as the provision of a comfortable and safe environment for staff and customers in restaurants of all sizes.

Furthermore, use of the air recirculation technology dispensing with the need for ducting, will also make kitchen design simpler, faster and more flexible.

The technology is applicable in kitchens with all electric appliances.

Halton and Reco-Air’s complementing technology also enables complete ventilation solutions where gas or solid fuel appliances are present.

Their hybrid system design meets clients’ environmental and performance expectations where both traditional extract and recirculation is required.

Reco-Air’s accreditations cover major UK, European and American standards, such as the UL710B and NFPA Section 13 that are also unique of the air recirculation solutions of today.

Their solutions are fully CE compliant and meet all TR19 and DW172 2018 requirements.

The latter also includes a recommendation to use remote monitoring technology.

Halton offers real-time remote monitoring service via IoT which is key to operating in high-risk cooking environments in terms of allowing the prevention of serious incidents and unnecessary system shut down.

The monitoring technology also enables accurate and cost-effective service and maintenance plans and integrates perfectly with Reco-Air’s control capabilities.

Furthermore, Halton's demand-based ventilation system and patented high-performance kitchen hoods as part of the comprehensive solution help to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs of kitchen operations.

In addition to this comprehensive solution, Halton will provide a maintenance service for the systems in question.

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