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Switch to Sprint and get 50% off on your current bill

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In celebration of the launch of its new LTE Plus network Sprint is offering 50 percent off the price of most Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile rate plans.

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"This unprecedented opportunity invites wireless subscribers to try the Sprint network that is performing better than ever – it’s faster than Verizon and AT&T, based on analysis of a recent study by Nielsen. New customers can sign up for this offer nationwide Nov. 20 through Jan. 7, 2016," the company said.

Example: T-Mobile offers 10GB for $80 per month. T-Mobile customers switching to Sprint can get unlimited talk and text with the same amount of data for $40 per month and that’s with high-speed for your video at Sprint.

Another example: A family paying $100 for 15GB at AT&T can get the same amount of data for $50 if they switch to Sprint. Customers also save 50 percent on the access fee.

To reward existing customers for their loyalty, Sprint is offering a free tablet with one year of free service with a two-year contract, while supplies last. This is a $360 value.

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