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Telenor offers affordable data roaming while travelling

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Telenor Group is launching a company-wide retail roaming initiative in a move to eliminate high and unpredictable costs for data-hungry consumers using mobile services while abroad.

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The company will gradually introduce roaming initiatives across the group, starting with Europe in 2015.

In many parts of the world, it is a common practice for customers travelling abroad to simply switch off data roaming as a result of high and varying data roaming retail rates, as well as unpredictable bills. Almost half of European Union citizens would never use mobile data abroad, according to European Commission figures.

Some 90 percent of them limit their use of basic services like e-mails, whereas more than 25 percent prefer to switch off their smartphone when abroad.

These statistics are also visible in Telenor's figures. Currently, a mere average 30 percent of Telenor's European data usage customers is using data roaming when travelling abroad. Telenor Group aims to increase data roaming usage in its European markets to 80 percent or more by the end of 2017.

Telenor's retail roaming packages are based on three pillars: Affordability (affordable and predictable prices. No need to switch data roaming off); Cost control (no surprises. You know what you pay – with default price packages); and Simplicity (capped and well-known prices per day and geographical zone, only differentiated over 3 zones in the world – and with fixed top-ups when needed).

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