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Tesco to cut 1,000 jobs, create 500 new jobs

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Tesco has proposed changes to its distribution network in order to run its business more simply and to better serves its customers.

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The proposed changes will reduce the number of Tesco distribution centres from 25 to 23 in the UK and cut 1,00 jobs.

While these changes will result in some redundancies, new roles, around 00, will be created within other sites across the Tesco distribution network. This includes new jobs at Reading and Middlesbrough distribution centres as well as the creation of colleague support roles in the majority of centres.

Matt Davies, Tesco UK&ROI CEO, said: "As the needs of our customers change, it’s vital we transform our business for the future.

"These changes will help to simplify our distribution operations so we can continue to serve our customers better."

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