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White Castle launches delivery via drones operated by USAF pilots

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Hamburger chain White Castle will begin nationwide delivery of The Original Slider in Crave Cases (30 Sliders) via drones Crave Copters.

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White Castle will begin nationwide service with a fleet of 1,500 Crave Copters strategically positioned across the continental United States at Castles and at undisclosed grilling locations in the Western U.S. A highly sophisticated tracking system will allow deployment to the geographic areas with the most demand.

The Crave Copters will fly no higher than 400 feet and will be able to deliver Crave Cases filled with Original Sliders using a mechanical claw specifically designed to carry weight up to 10 pounds.

A team of former United States Air Force pilots utilizing the latest industrial drone technology will pilot the squadrons of Crave Copters.

Delivery time will depend on the customer's proximity to the White Castle restaurant or to the designated grilling location. White Castle will charge a modest delivery fee, which will vary depending on anticipated Crave Copter airtime.

The drone delivery idea stemmed from a Thanksgiving promotion White Castle hosted in Cincinnati last fall as a tribute to the iconic WKRP television show and to celebrate the launch of new Turkey menu items.

The original Crave Copters were used to develop the program and have since flown an unbelievable number of hours and training missions to perfect the timely and efficient delivery of the Crave Cases.

White Castle plans to add more Crave Copters and more undisclosed grilling locations in the months to come.

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