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Colorful statements in every room

Martha Taylor-Brown |
When you are looking for color interior decoration options from the ground up, keeping a specific color in mind helps you stay on track. However, it is easy to make your existing room brighter using just a few well-chosen details.

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If you have a neutral palette in your room consider adding a bold color into the mix. Choose colors such as red, orange, yellow and blue because they are bright and mix very well with neutrals. When doing this, have one thing in mind: a small number of bigger pieces or larger number of smaller pieces. If you choose a large, bright yellow lamp, for example, resist the temptation to put another ten yellow pieces in the same room. Stay at a few focal points and that will look very good.

An excellent and simple way to incorporate color into your décor in a tasteful manner is to add some colors on the wall - in a form of art. Colorful pictures will add a sense of personality without overwhelming the space. The idea is to incorporate similar yet distinctive pieces around the home. This is most probably the simplest and the cheapest way to transform your room radically in a few minutes. And you can change the pictures anytime you want.

Patterns are amazing for adding color and texture which is perfect for adding character to your room. The number one problem with pattern is that many are not sure what to choose but it's not such a nightmare as it may look at the first sight. One of the main design points should be followed here to: Don't go too far. If you are thinking about patterns in your living room, think about curtains. Long curtains with an interesting pattern will transform your room in a second and the change that you'll choose wrong is very small.

And now something bit more demanding, but not too demanding. Let's say you want a new kitchen. Without any doubt, you must be sure that you can chew what you bit, but we have a solution for that too: Change just the front panels. Every contractor can very easily make you new front panels in, say, red - and that's it! You have a beautiful, bright new kitchen without losing your nerves, time, and money. With a good idea everything can be fun, functional, and beautiful.

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