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Convert your old pool into something beautiful

Martha Taylor-Brown |
A swimming pool is a nice thing to have. During hot summers. But if it's old or you simply don't use it anymore, you can convert it into a nice piece of your backyard.

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Instead of investing into your old swimming pool you will use for a few weeks during the whole year, you can turn it into a new feature that sets your home garden, makes your neighbors jelous and you proud. What's the easiest thing to do? A fish pond, of course. If the pool has organic shapes, that is a great idea and not complicated to do. A few plants around it, some fish and plants that keep the water clean and it's done. You can always ask in your garden centre if you're not sure about plants and fish suitable for your environment. An easy and cheap job, yet it may look great.

If you are ready for a little bit more of work, bring in some stone and soil. Water is going out, stones are going in, and new soil on top if it. Now you have a nice small piece of land in your garden you may design as you wish. You may choose an elaborate plant scheme but you can also bring in some wild flowers of different colors and you're good to go. Choose plants you like and colors you like, you can't go wrong.

A firepit in a backyard is always welcome so and old pool is ideal for that. It doesn't require much work and it may turn out beutiful. If the pool is deep you'll have to add some material on the bottom because you don't want to be two meters down, but that's basically it. Along pool's edges put chairs or let a craftsman makes you a concrete seating area, place a small fire pit in the middle, and the only thing you need are a group of good friends to enjoy a summer night.

If you are of a more adventurous soul, and have some money and time to spend, you may convert a pool to new living space. The idea is simple: put a roof on your pool. An old swimming pool has been cleverly converted into an office space and it as big as a small apartment. There's some money to be invested but if you are willing to contribute doing what you can and know, it doesn't have to be an expensive project and the result will be stunning.

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