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Diamonds by Sasha Primak

Martha Taylor-Brown |
White gold and platinum will be always in trend. Either goes perfectly well with elegant clothes and both match with jeans absolutely great.

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More and more respectable jewel houses follow wishes of their clients for white gold and platinum jewel last years. For one of the top quality jewel houses, Tiffany, white gold jewels are trade mark from 19. century. Even so, Tiffany admit: In cases when couple buys wedding rings, yellow gold, platinum or mix of this two metals and colours is couple's choice in many cases.

This data goes more hand in hand with the tradition than trends. Designers of famous jewel house Bvlgari also designed the most innovative Bvlgari collection pieces from the "lighter" coloured gold in a combination with diamonds. Its "every day" jewellery or less rich collections are of white gold, too. In Italy, jewellers have been circulating a questionnaire among jewellers shop. The questionnaire showed that white gold colour pieces are the most desirable ones, around 70 percent of clients bought them. And when in Europe white gold and platinum are in trend, women from Middle East also prefer white gold jewel more than yellow. In their eyes yellow gold is a symbol of old times and white is more catchy.

Regardless of trends, white gold and platinum jewels look very aristocratic and noble on both men and women. At the same time they made them look very urbane, gentle and stylish. If you remember the ring from Chopards' collection Ice Cube, you'll know what I mean. One heavier and more expensive metal is platinum.

One of the world's best jewellery designer is Sasha Primak. His craftsmanship is awesome. With a background in engineering and Old World jewellery craftsmanship, Sasha Primak has been producing some of the world's finest diamond jewellery. And he do that for many watch and jewel company for over 25 years. He specialized in a bridal jewellery.

His 18k gold and platinum pieces are made of the finest quality diamonds which represent classic elegance. The collection of Sasha Primak is composed of the most essential pieces of any respectable jewellery wardrobe. So, there you can see gorgeous diamond eternity rings, three stone rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings or one of kind necklace. His pieces are so glittering and shiny that looks live. Every one of Sasha Primak design is unique because they are all hand made, epitomizing everything that classic jewellery should be.

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