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White diamonds on Gresso's mobile phones

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Gresso released two highly expensive handsets: Avantgarde White Diamonds collection. Imagine 200 years old African wood, gold and diamonds, all in one. That's Gresso.

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Gresso is a well-known Russian phone manufacturer which makes luxury mobile phones that look gorgeous and they are priced accordingly. Gresso has four collections, Black Aura, Avantgarde Steel, Avantgarde and Black Diamonds, and they just presented Avantgarde White Diamonds, the new collection for those hove love design so much that they don't care about price. To be true, one should not chose among those models looking at the price, the style is what counts.

There are several common point to their phones that Gresso makes. They are combination of expensive metals and old wood. For the case or their Avantgarde models Gresso uses African blackwood for which the company claims that it is 200 years old. Maybe yon don't saw blackwood but you certainly heard it. It is the primary wood of choice for fine concert-quality instruments such as clarinets, bagpipes and flutes, and in African culture it plays an important role.

It is used for beautifully detailed carving, and it is important for the ecology of the East African savannah. African blackwood is not an endangered species but it's close to it, so to use it for mobile phone is not something to be proud of. However, Gresso collection are so small in number that we believe that one tree is enough for all phones they make.

Instead of ordinary screws Gresso use gold screws. Russian company tried to implement the last technology and although they are not state of the art they are close to it. For the operating system Gresso chose Windows Mobile 6 Standard which means that you can easily use any application for that OS. There is obligatory two megapixel camera, and the display is able to show 65.000 colours and 320*240 pixels. The new Gresso Avantgarde White Diamonds is tri-band mobile phone and beside all things that comes naturally from OS Mobile 6, such as Outlook, Avantgarde has Bluetooth for synchronization with the PC, organizer, calculator and MP3 player. You can store more songs on an SD memory card.

So far, so good. But what makes Gresso so distinctive? It is a combination of great design, great design and great craft. Gresso Avantgarde White Diamonds measures 119.5 x 48 x 14 mm, it is very light and can be on stand-by for 150 hours. That's enough time for everyone to see that your Avantgarde White Diamonds is hand-assembled, that it is made of African blackwood with slight touch of titanium and diamonds. OK, it's not slight touch, it's very big touch. The keyboard's base is made of titanium and battery cover is of stainless steel which fits on place with a little help of magnets.

But the best is yet to come. Gresso is embellished with leather and gold. There are two models: Gresso White Diamond and Royal White Diamonds. The Gresso White Diamond mobile phone is the cheaper version, some 9000 euros, and it's navigation keys are encrusted with white diamonds. Gresso Royal White Diamonds is the more expensive version. 33000 euros you will pay for it and you must be very quick because only 200 units will be made.

All of its 23 gold keys are crowned with a total of 2.53 K of white diamonds. There are 18 K gold keys with the numbers on the keypad are laser cut in Roman style, a nice and unique feature. It is obvious that such mobile phone can't have ordinary glass, so Gresso uses 42K sapphire crystal glass.

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