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Divine proportions for a divine pen

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Experts from Tibaldi studied old history, art and science and stopped when they saw phi for which many would say that it represents divine proportions. No wonder that Tibaldi named its best pen Divina.

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Divina is a pen, but it is also an idea and a dream of harmony. When the experts at Tibaldi company conceived it, they wanted the golden number, phi, to be present in in the smallest detail of its structure.

Following months of intense study and dedication, the completion of a huge task has resulted in the revival of the perfection of the ancient world, carefully combined with cutting edge technology and refined materials. Each of the Divina's components is a multiple of phi, 1.618, and once assembled, respects the rule of the golden proportion. Divina is pure elegance, it gives pleasure and writes like no other pen can.

The Tibaldi pens are writing instruments that reflect the technical excellence of high precision mechanical watches, which appeal to multiple human senses: sight, touch and hearing. Their unique filling mechanism is protected by patent. Its surfaces boast "Clou de Paris" diamond point and galvanised finishes, decorations which are usually found on the inner workings of fine watches.

The precious metals found in the pens are produced in Switzerland, the home of luxury timepieces. Their quality is certified by the Swiss Federal Customs Administration Office of Geneva.

Designed to be immediately recognizable as Tibaldi, the ornament is one of the distinctive features of the pen: crowned with a pyramid cut mother of pearl or tiger's eye embedded into a silver frame, it boasts a square section at the top, gradually tapering to the round ring at its base. The mechanical precision and reliability of Tibaldi’s innovative filling system resembles the winding mechanism of a high quality watch.

The number of teeth of the bushing, 32, is a multiple of phi, 1.618. Rotating the blind cap, when filling the pen, has the same sound and feel as manually winding a watch crown. What’s more, the mechanism applies a slight resistance to rotation, avoiding brusque movements at the bottom of the pen reducing the risk of accidental leakage. Tibaldi's nib is solid 18K gold with thickness that can vary to maximise flexibility and thereby the writer's comfort.

The Tibaldi 90th Anniversary writing instruments are available as a limited edition of only 618 pieces and there's no need to say that you should be one of those 618 lucky owners.

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