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Edra, super luxury sofas where nothing was spared to achieve maximum comfort

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Edra is known for its products that join artistic tradition and very high quality materials.

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Edra Standard sofa, by Francesco Binfaré as all other sofas, allows you maximum comfort in whichever position. The key element is the “smart cushion”. Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional. The deeper seats help to discover a casual comfort. Standard sofa allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions: linear, angular or free plan.

Edra Chiara chair is something you definitively want in your home: it has elegance, simplicity, and maximum comfort. Swiveling is extremely comfortable thanks to the smart cushion used for the adaptable backrest. The pedestal enabling the swivel system is a cruise of steel extrusions and sections, brushed and finished in glossy chrome-plated nickel. Edra Chiara chair is also available together with a footrest that allows you to stretch your legs for the ultimate relaxation.

Edra Flap sofa is an extremely interesting piece. An original typology for a sofa is contained in only fourteen centimeters of depth that renews the traditional concept of sitting, and multiplies performance. The sleek shape of the upholstered base offers nine parts that can each recline at six different angles. Each one can be used at will as backrest, armrest, headrest, seat or footrest. Now, that's imagination: An anatomical dynamism that evolves to satisfy any desire.

Edra Traditional sofa is traditional in shape and size. But only in that, everything else if way more advanced than traditional. Its elegance and impeccable proportions are enhanced by the uniqueness of the materials. Great stability is offered by the steel structure mounted on steel bars, and softness guaranteed by the padding in feather and gellyfoam. Edra sofa may look familiar but it is one of those things you have to try to believe. You will sense all the technology and effort its creators put in it to give you a maximum comfort that fits any room.

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