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Roche Bobois furniture, premium French art de vivre

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The idea that started in 1950 as another usual furniture business today is a premier French source of top design for every home that wants only the best.

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Bubble is an iconic model in the Roche Bobois collection. Sacha Lakic created the perfect balance between design, innovation, function, and emotion. Bubble sofas are manufactured entirely by hand, which is fantastic in this time and age, and it required the development of a new, very stretchable fabric. This fabric contains a black jersey that maintains shape well, with a honeycomb wool attached on top, which is remarkably soft. An excellent example of the top furniture.

Hans Hopfer designed the Mah Jong sofa collection in 1971, with an innovative and uncomplicated approach to comfort which had a profound impact on interior design. Time goes by but whether as a corner sofa, straight sofa, armchair, bench seat or extra bed, the Mah Jong was conceived to be able to freely adapt in function and form even in modern times. Each cushion is made by hand in a dedicated workshop bringing uncompromised quality in your home.

Edito armchair, again from Sacha Lakic, is an interesting product. This very comfortable armchair, upholstered in Techno 4D fabric, stretches in all directions while perfectly maintaining its shape. It is simple but then again very sophisticated and you can see right away that time will not hurt it in any sense. You can put it in a 1970s room or in a very modern space and it will fit in like it's made exactly for that space. It comes in several colors so there are plenty of choices for you.

Intralatina composition is a wall unit on top, 5 hanging elements including 3 storage units with flaps, 2 storage units with open niches and vertical partitions. At the bottom, there are 2 hanging storage units with flaps, with curved edges in folding. But the point here is not in storage space, there is plenty of it there, but in its design. As other Roche Bobois elements, this is a piece that stands the test of time easy, challenging other elements to follow its beautiful form.

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