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Take your living room outside in style

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Outdoor furniture is more or less always the same: A few ratan pieces plus some pillows and that's it. But let's take another path and make your outdoor space look like your living room.

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First, forget ratan. It is a material very suitable for outdoor applications but let's get back to good, old wood. Take, for example, Henry Hall Designs furniture. Those pieces mix a contemporary style with a touch of 70's and just to the right measure. Mixing straight and curved lines with an exceptional manufacturing, Henry Hall created a combination that will beyond any doubt stand the test of time. Light-colored wood fits into almost any space and playful design ensures that you will enjoy your "outdoor living room" for a long time.

Janus et Cie is also playing with wood but in an even more modern sense that combines form and function. Working with world's top designers, they created some of the best-looking outdoor furniture you can find. To make things more interesting, they are mixing materials in a way that fabric flows naturally into wood, calling your eyes to follow dynamic shapes, and they also added an interesting feature: a hidden bottle cabinet. This is the piece that without exaggeration may find its place in a museum of modern art.

When thinking about stlye, remember that some of the finest ideas for outdoor furniture can be found in Mediterrean backyards where it's normal to spend as much time outside as you'd spend inside. Provence Collection by Windham is a nice collection that embodies the Mediterrean style but with a touch of France. Made of metal, and that is a natural choice for this style, it makes you feel you are sitting in a small Italian village and French castle at the same time. Add to that comfortable, waterproof cushions and you'll have a hard time leaving that piece of paradise.

For all of you hard-core nature fans who spend more time outside than inside, we have another idea. It may be a DIY project or you can order it, but in any case our suggestion is hard, massive wood. Without many details, using a few logs, a skilled master can create furniture that fits any cabin perfectly. The secret of this design is that it doesn't follow organic wood shapes: It is strong, with straight lines, looking very sturdy and timeless. This is a fine example how a simple idea without much complication can bring great results.

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