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Enjoy your outdoor adventure with portable metal fire pit

Martha Taylor-Brown |
A fire pit is the essential centerpiece to any campsite but it can be a great addition to your backyard during these cold times.

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If you need something simple yet effective the Rootless Portable Firepit is a unique and innovative burner that provides the complete firepit experience and offers quality. The perfect accessory for any patio or camping trip, this wood burning pit is great for enjoying campfires on the go. Made of eco friendly stainless steel and tested anti heating material, the Rootless Portable Fire Pit is super durable yet lightweight and almost unnoticeable when packed. The steel mesh is meticulously woven to keep any debris from falling through, making sure the ground below is left untouched.

Fireside Outdoor's Trailblazer is designed to pack small so it can go anywhere you do while its patented design keeps your campfire off the ground to prevent leaving burn marks behind even on the most sensitive surfaces. Its tall walls protect the fire on the windy day, it has a heat shield to protect anything that's below it, it is easy to feed the fire, it's very stable, and designed in a very modern way with clean lines.

Outland Living's stylish fire pit is the perfect centrepiece for any outdoor adventure. You can quickly get the fire going with this auto ignition propane fire pit. It has quality steel construction, protective powder coating, stainless steel burner, fasteners, and propane tank stabilizer which is a great option. It is CSA approved to use during most fire bans which is an excellent option and since no assembly is required it is ready to go whenever you feel the need for some outdoor adventure.

Black Cross Weave fire pit design provides ample of room for the perfect size fire and is easy to tend and clean. This is a wood burning fire pit and is not designed to burn on a deck unless a fire proof pad is used so you'll have to pay a bit of attention while outdoor. Enjoy this sturdy steel fire pit with the decorative design in any backyard or patio today. It is made from steel and finished with black and accents of oil rubbed bronze high temperature paint. It looks good and it is ready to go with you on an adventure.

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