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Fabulous Christmas garlands to make your holidays joyful

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Besides having a Christmas tree, adding garland to your home is a great way to bring Christmas cheer into your home. We have some great ideas for you how to do it.

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Start greeting your family and guests right there on your porch. When it comes to adding color to your porch, bringing fresh bits of garland is a great way to go. Not only will it add color and appeal, but it will further brighten your outdoor. Pair them with other holiday bits to showcase how festive and charming your holidays will be. Using as much garland as possible will not brighten your space, but it will bring your home almost a movie-like feel.

If you have a large staircase, then it is time to take full advantage of it. To do that you want to bring decorated garland into the stairway. It will be almost as if the garland becomes the focal point that expands the space overall. Consider it the main focus that enhances your travels throughout your home. This is perfect for those that have a Christmas tree as part of their stairway decor. The two will blend exceptionally well together.

You may want to bring your table to the festive mood with a pre-lit garland that has been draped across and add smaller trees. Additionally, it is excellent for using leftover garland that doesn’t exactly have a solid space. Pair your garland with warm fall decor to bring your design together, you might even want to add light fixtures to bring a cozy appeal on your dining table. There's no strict rule here, use it as much as you want because you can't go wrong.

Sometimes having a garland isn’t enough and you need something extra and that is where weaving ribbons into it will come into play. It’s all about getting your garland to make an overall statement without taking away from the rich color it already provides. Think of it as the perfect way to bring the most festive decor front and center. And make the design just list Christmas: funny and colorful, and, of course, there can't be too much of it.

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