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Mid-century interior design is back better than ever

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Due to its functionality, unique lines, and fluid forms, mid-century style is always appealing and it's increasingly popular.

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One very popular aspect of mid-century decor is sleek lines. They are huge statement when it comes to this decorating style but it's not just any type of lines and anywhere. If you want to stay true to the style, they are reserved for chairs and tables. That makes them shine among other furniture with straight lines and they bring life and decorative without too much intervetion on them. Nothing speaks mid-century better than a curved chair with a plush material on it.

If you wanted to be very modern 70 years ago, you had to had a very modern fireplace in your home. What's interesting here is that those old lines are still modern and many rounded hanging fireplaces you see today were born decades ago. Consider bringing in a fireplace that is easy to focus on because you want to bring a unique approach from the very beginning and the beginning is when someone steps into the room. A nice fireplace is something you really want for your mid-century room.

If there is one piece that is intanstly mid-centruy recognizable alongside a chair from that time, that's sofa. When you see it, you know that's something your parents would enjoy in a coz afternnon. Whether you do the design with a sofa, one chair, two chairs or multiple ones, it’s completely up to you. All you want to ensure is that the space feels intricate, classic and put together. Moreover, embrace color to truly take your decor to the next level.

For a modern approach to the old style, consider an artsy and iconic twist. Something you'd most probably see in Studio 54 or somewhere around that time. Though mid-century decor tends to be a bit more undertone, minimal and earthy, sometimes it can be textured and artsy. If you want to create a more artsy touch, bring in bold art pieces and pair it with classic furniture pieces. The contrast itself will make the room feel grand.

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