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New ideas, technologies, and innovative design in bathrooms

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Bathrooms may look like places where everything is already invented but fortunately that's not the case, there's room for improvement everywhere. A mix of new ideas, technologies and great design solutions is bringing new life into everyday bathroom objects.

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A magnetic showerhead from Moen, Attract, has a very simple idea in the background and exactly that makes this product so great. Instead of trying to put the showerhead back in place, and it's real pain with your eyes full of shampoo, you just get it close and the powerful magnet will fix it in place. The head is 3.5 inch in diameter so you have rainshower and a 5-feet hose that's enough for the largest bathroom in town. It's easy to clean thanks to its chrome finish.

There are showers and there are bathubs, but Dornbracht decided there should be a horizontal shower. Crazy it looks, but fantastic it works. The Horizontal Shower is a very interesting idea that mixes the relaxed feeling of a bath and the therapy of shower jets. Six water bars that run the length of the shower block and each bar is equipped with jets that can be remotely controlled. There is a number of settings, from relaxing to energizing, and you enjoy them according to your mood while lying and you can even choose to heat the whole block.

Designers from NOA, a German-based company, developed a minimalist bathroom fixture but it's minimalist just by its design, it's functionality is brilliant. KWC DAN is spout, a pressure balance valve and a thermostatic control, all in one, and it also features a mechanism that reduces faucet design to its absolute essence. You can control the flow rate and water temperature by two small sliders integrated into the disk and small lights indicate the various positions and functions. The design is great, functionality even more so, and we think your bathroom deserves one of those.

The Industrial Console was inspired by a cast-iron pattern making table found in US factories in the 1920’s. It supports a pair of vessel sinks and is shown here with new Ore Vessels in white bronze. The crank allows you to lift and lower to the perfect height. Once height is finalized, the gear is easily disengaged. This is a perfect piece for all industrial design fans and it adds a bit of functionality that many will find very welcome. However, it will fit nicely in any space, from country style to more modern and is definitively a piece to look at.

And now a simple faucet... Well, at first it looks like a simple faucet but the second look reveals a work of art. The way the shape is made is beautiful and it makes you wonder where water comes from. The look and feel is truly metallic and it will lift any bathroom you put it in. But that's not all: This is a 3D-printed faucet. A computer guided laser beam fuses powdered metal into small sculptures using high heat and pressure. So, not only you have a piece of art in your bathroom, you are on the front line of new technologies, too.

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