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Prepare your porch for this summer

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Hot days are around the corner and now is the time to think about giving your porch some refreshment. You want to create a chic and charming space with a relaxing touch and with a few good ideas that's not hard to do.

Since colors are all around us, they are welcome to our porch too. Having colors everywhere is an excellent way of bringing spring and summer feel to your porch and at the same time you can keep it simple and inexpensive. You can use bright colors that pair well together such as yellow, orange, blue, and pink. You should use neutral colors on larger pieces of furniture or walls to allow those bright colors to shine in all their glory.

Or, you can do just the opposite and stay away from colors and go full white. Light and airy decor is perfect for the porch area when you want to have a space that makes everything look as close to the nature as it can. Think about the Mediterranean village and you'll get the idea. If you keep the decor neutral and with different shades of white and light blue you will get that "the whole house is shining" feeling. As a final touch, just add some flowers to lift the space up and you're done.

Now, we know that porch and patio are technically two different things and just a square meter of free space you can't call either, but forget that for a while. What if you have a very, very small patio? Well, put a bar in. Sounds crazy and "But how?!" but if you think about, a bar is something that holds a few bottles and glasses and that's it. So, take and old drawer, paint it bright, add small wheels down there and... You got it! You can drive around that work of your hands and enjoy cool drinks.

Another thing you should have in your backyard is the outdoor kitchen. Building your own backyard kitchen can give you satisfaction that you made something by yourself and it doesn't have to be expensive. You can choose appliances as the space demands, then add a chair or two and a table. That's all you need. Keep the idea simple and don't overdo it, there's no point in that. Your food will add necessary colors so you don't have to worry about that either.

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