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Simple landscaping ideas for your spectacular front yard

Martha Taylor-Brown |
What are you doing in your front yard? The chance is not much. It's just a piece of land that separates your home from the street. Well, it's time to make it visually appealing, a piece of art that will greet you and your guests.

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What does it take to make a great front yard? First, a lot of imagination. Second, that's it. With a little help from a seasoned gardener who can help you choose right plants for your geography, all you need is imagination. A good thing is you can choose plants that need a small amount of water, can live in dry environment all year long and they don't need much of jumping around every day. The best example is the Mediterranean style with agave, the species that reminds you of the sea right away, and simple echeveria in different vivid colors.

A good example how to create a dramatic entrance but still elegant comes from Joel Loblaw and his approach to a Tudor-style home. He created a red brick walkway that leads past shrubs, grasses and bushes. That creates depth and privacy and at the same time a geometrical pattern reminds us of a French style you can see in their high-end gardens. He mixed oriental grass with flowers with large white petals, and added dwarf ornamental grass. The result: a seemingly simple idea but wonderfully thought out and executed.

If you want to grow a jungle in front of your home, go for it! Nobody says it should be in your backyard only. A beautiful plant combination will brighten up your entrance and make a lovely home for butterflies and small birds. You can choose a variety of plants, there's no strict rule to be followed here, but we recommend Tiger Lily. That robust, easy to grow plant comes from Asia and it features long blossoms with up to 40 blossoms on one bulb. What's more, it will multiply over the years, making your front yard better and better.

If you are "less is more person," you can still embellish your entrance with plants to be elegant and inviting yet less like a jungle. Trailing flowers can add a sense of romance to any entrance, especially to the modern, square ones. Cascading from the front porch, swaying in the breeze, and supported by two symmetrical pot plants, delicate flowers will make you smile the moment you see them. This is a wonderful way to add casual elegance and charm to your doorway.

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