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Small kitchen islands, great style and functionality

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Kitchen islands have become popular in many kitchens because they add an additional working space but they can be much more than that. If chosen right, it may be a nice stylish design piece in your home.

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An island in the center of your kitchen is a very nice way to add an additional space for most used things but you may expand its functionality and get, for example, a kitchen island with additional seatings for two, which is ideal for breakfast and fast meals. The best thing is you can get it custom-made and order one that will fit your existing kitchen perfectly. When planning, think about what utensils you use the most and where you want your new island to be. When you have those answers, any skillful master will be able to adapt the design to your needs.

Speaking about the design, you go other way and get a design that's different in style and that could serve as a focal point in your kitchen. An island with the dark design, for example, will fit nicely a very high-end kitchen style but can also add a nice touch to a rustic kitchen. Instead of a wooden panel, there can be a marble countertop that's durable to connect visually with other working surfaces in your kitchen. That way you'll get a combination that connects and separates at the same time, creating an interesting visual effect.

Another functionality you can ask for is a built-in stove which is a nice way to get another working unit. The good thing here is that you can go for any style you like, from a classic stove to ultra-modern and use the space you maybe are not using yet. There are many models on the market you can take home right away and if you can't find what you want, there is always a custom made way to go which is probably the best way to go when it's about kitchen islands you are adding to already finished kitchen.

Movable kitchen islands are great for people that love to entertain and occasionally need extra room for guests but also for those who don't need the island's functionality all the time. The whole island may be on wheels for easier moving around but you can also choose just one part to be movable and have, say, the counter top that can go around at your will. You can get a lot of additional working space when needed for cooking or dining and "fold" it when you need more space for walking around the kitchen.

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