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Rural kitchens with old European flair

Martha Taylor-Brown |
There is something in an old, rural kitchen that makes it a kind of sanctuary, a place of warmth, flavor and relaxed living. Old European kitchens are great examples of how to turn function into feelings.

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Main characteristics of a rural kitchen are space and wood. In sometimes crowded homes, the kitchen played a central role that served not only as a place where food for all members of the family has been prepared, but also a space for spending a great deal of day together. The wood comes in one of two shades - natural or dark - and walls are kept in white to make the kitchen as bright as possible. In a big space there is enough room for all kinds of cabinets, so there's no fear there will no be enough space for all plates, pots and utensils.

In smaller spaces, where there is not enough room for kitchen cabinets, shelves are to the rescue. And they are very welcome since, and your grandma can confirm, there were more utensils in an old kitchen than in today's hotel restaurant. Add to that all kinds of plates and small spice bottles, and you will see why shelves are necessary. To lift the overall look, bright wood and white colors are added to make the whole kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Green color can be found on many old European kitchens for it makes the whole space brighter and it connects the interior space with outdoor surroundings in a very natural way. Old masters were also skilled in getting most of a space. In this kitchen a par of the working area is sacrificed but the cook got a place to sit down and relax for a moment. The single sitting place breaks the flow in a very interesting way and goes nicely with a window through which the nature is just a glimpse away.

The French... will be French. They can't even make a kitchen without referring to glorious days of Louis XVI. And we mean that as a compliment, of course. This old kitchen looks like it is coming from a castle where French kings used to enjoy in delicious meals of all the finest kinds. Intricate ornaments, delicate flower wallpaper, beautiful curtains and classic moldings are trademarks of this classic French rural kitchen. However, functionality is not forgotten as the space for the chef's feet clearly shows.

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