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Unusual trendy tables

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Contrary to popular beliefs, not all tables are boring, flat surfaces to put your things on. When form and function are mixed in an innovative way, results can be stunning.

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Designed by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Adentro, the Cosimo desk looks like a mobile phone. It's sleek and shiny, and obviously made for all tech fans. It has an open slot to put your computer inside and two side storage drawers to hold your things you are usually keeping on the overcrowded table top. This table is very good for a small home office when its function will be fully utilized but it is also a very nice piece that will fit nicely with majority of styles. And when put everything inside, you may serve a dinner on it. Perfect.

The round table from Colima creates numerous points of light those of you who think tables must be boring. The light is spilling from the holes in the table and it's not hard to answer who could created that: Italians, of course. The game of light and shadow is part of the design integrated into the table. The table is made from a cedar base with choice of top which is available in square or rectangular versions. This is a very unusual and nice table, and the decision to use wood for it is just perfect.

The Alfredo table by TAGmi Designs has it all: a cutting board, pastry board, rolling pin, tablet support, and a light source. When you rearrange it, it becomes a dining table in a minute. The designer chose colors very well and the table will fit into every kitchen, no doubt about that. It is obvious that the designer paid great attention to mix functionality and design together in a meaningful way and it shows: This table is a piece that you certainly must take into account if you need a new piece in your kitchen.

The Walter Desk is a piece that mixes hot and cold, smooth and rough, new and old, rustic and industrial, and it does it in a very successful way. Those opposites are hard to mix in a meaningful way but its creator Richard Velloso did a great job. This handmade desk comes in two sizes. The wood is left unfinished, which is a nice touch when the surface is in the game. This table looks a bit like a design statement and, a sculpture in space, so it would be a very nice addition to a space where there's no strong focal point because it will be the one.

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