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Upgrade your home office to enjoyable working space

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Staying motivated is the key when you are working in your home office. But, that is hard if your working space is minimalistic as it is often the case. That's why we are giving you some ideas to upgrade the look of your home office and make it vivid and pleasant.

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The problem with a home office is furniture: It is almost always white or gray. White is considered to be modern and gray neutral color that helps you to focus on your work. It is true that it's good to have white or gray furniture to be able to mix it with other colors easily, the truth is once you set up your space you will most probably leave it that way. So, if you have clean working desk and shelves - add some color. Paint the wall, find a carpet in colors, or add some vivid paintings. Your home office will instantly look bright and joyful.

Another fast way to make your space more interesting is - to add plants. Yes, it sounds extremely simply and it really is and the difference will be huge. You may choose any style you want: you may go with just a few smaller pots with plant or with a jungle behind your desk, in any case the effect will be good. Choose a plant that does not need much maintenance or sunlight. It should enhance your space, not add another item to your to do list.

You already know that you need good lightning to ease the strain on your eyes but our proposal is to go an extra step. Or two. Instead of just one table lamp, why not go with LED stripes or an array of smaller bulbs? The effect can be both artistic and functional at the same time, and you can set brightness as you wish. Just stay in one color, don't go overboard and turn your home office into a discotheque, and you will be fine.

Since your desk is the main focal point as in any other office, you may go two different paths to enhance your space. First, you may choose an old table, totally rustic and different from the rest of your home office because rustic things works very well with modern design. But, here we go again, you may go a bit further. You may opt for a traditional furniture, the kind you would see in an old study room. You will feel like a big company CEO and who knows, maybe just that refined looks may secure you a project or two.

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