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Earnings season 2017: POST forecast for Deutsche Bank and Visa

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Current earnings season continues with two big financial companies: Deutsche Bank and Visa.

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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank went through some rough time and that took its toll, some troubles are its own fault and some are commong to European banks.

But, last year was the year of restructuring and now we will see was the company successful at that. Costs are still pressing, as some other expenses, so POST expect loss of $1.40 per share, net loss of $1.6 billion, and revenus of $7.7 billion.


Another big "plastic" company, Visa, is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, whish means it has significant market influence. Almost all analysts stick to "buy" recommendation, there are no major negative trends so POST expects EPS to be $0.80 and revenue $4.3 billion.

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