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Consumer prices increased in Hungary in December

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Consumer prices in Hungary were 1.8% higher on average in December than a year earlier.

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The highest price rises in this period were measured for other goods including motor fuels as well as for alcoholic beverages and tobacco out of the main groups of consumption.

In 2016 as a whole, consumer prices rose by 0.4% on average compared to the previous year.

In December 2016 compared to December 2015:

Consumer prices increased by 1.8% on average. Food prices rose by 1.3%, within which the price of sugar increased by 16.3%, the prices of seasonal food items (potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits) by 3.6%, the prices of cheese and rolls both by 2.7% and milk prices by 2.6%, while pork prices were cut by 8.5% and poultry meat prices by 3.6%.

A higher-than-average price rise of 3.5% was recorded for other goods (pharmaceutical products, motor fuels, household products and recreational goods), and, within this, consumers paid 6.8% more for motor fuels.

The prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco went up by 2.5%, those of services by 1.9% and clothing and footwear prices by 0.5% on average. The prices of electricity, gas and other fuels were unchanged. Consumers paid 0.5% less for consumer durables.

In December 2016 compared to November 2016:

Consumer prices were up by 0.4% on average. 0.1% more was paid for food, and, within this, 5.3% more for eggs, 1.5% more for seasonal food items, 1.2% more for milk and 0.8% more for cheese.

The price of pork decreased by 1.3%, that of poultry meat by 1.4% and the price of edible oil by 0.8%. The highest price rise (1.7%) was measured for other goods, within which the prices of motor fuels were up by 4.1%.

The prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 0.2% and those of services by 0.1%. The prices of electricity, gas and other fuels as well as consumer durables were unchanged on average. Consumers paid 0.2% less for clothing and footwear.

In the year 2016 compared to the previous year:

Consumer prices went up by 0.4% on average, and, within this, food prices by 0.7%. The highest price rise (2.3%) was recorded for alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

The prices of services rose by 1.5%, those of consumer durables by 0.5% and the prices of clothing and footwear by 0.4% on average.

Consumers paid 2.2% less for other goods, and the prices of electricity, gas and other fuels were reduced by 0.1%.

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