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Slovakia export up 6.7%

Christian Fernsby |
In 2018, goods in the amount of EUR 79 798,4 million were exported from the Slovak Republic. Compared with 2017, the total export rose 6.7%.

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In terms of goods, increase was recorded in the export of motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons EUR 4 034,1 million, electrical lighting or signaling equipment EUR 256,6 million, wires and cables EUR 164,6 million and electrical transformers, static converters and inductors EUR 132,2%.

The highest decline was noted in the export of monitors and projectors, television receivers EUR 551,3 million, bodies for motor vehicles EUR 403,7 million, telephone sets, including telephones for cellular networks EUR 155,4 million and parts and accessories of transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting or television EUR 136,6 million.

As part of the most significant trade partners, export increased to Germany 15%, the Czech Republic 10%, Poland 6%, France 6,1%, Austria 2,1%, Italy 2%, USA 25,3%, Spain 2,7%, Romania 9,9% and the Russian Federation 0,9%. Export decreased to Hungary 0,8%, the United Kingdom 7,4% and the Netherlands 9%.

In terms of the main economic groupings, export to the EU countries increased 6,5% (it represented 85,2% of the total export of the SR) and to the OECD countries 6,5% (it represented 88,7% of the total export of the SR), compared to 2017.

Goods in the amount of EUR 77 317,4 million were imported to the Slovak Republic, with a year-on-year growth 7,8%.

In terms of goods, increase was registered in imports of parts and accessories of motor vehicles EUR 1 868,6 million, wires and cables EUR 512,1 million, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude EUR 466,5 million, spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines EUR 466,2 million.

Decrease was recorded significantly in import of products of liquid crystals EUR 388,2 million and monitors and projectors, television receivers EUR 288 million.

In relation to the most significant trade partners, import increased from Germany 15,1%, the Czech Republic 6,9%, the Republic of Korea 10,4%, Vietnam 16,3%, Poland 11,7%, the Russian Federation 21,5%, Hungary 3,5%, Italy 11,6%, Austria 10,8% and France 4,1%. Import decreased from China 13,4% and the United Kingdom 16,1%.

In terms of the main economic groupings, import from the EU countries rose 8,7% (it represented 67,2% of the total import) and from the OECD countries it increased 8,7% (it represented 67,7% of the total import of the SR), compared to 2017.

In 2018, the foreign trade balance was in surplus in the amount of EUR 2 481 million.

The Slovak Republic had the highest balance surplus with Germany (EUR 3 805,1 million), the United Kingdom (EUR 2 633,2 million), France (EUR 2 625 million), Austria (EUR 2 170,5 million), Italy (EUR 1 898,9 million), USA (EUR 1 894,4 million), Poland (EUR 1 767,1 million), the Czech Republic (EUR 1 449,6 million), Spain (EUR 1 071,4 million), Romania (EUR 871,9 million) and Hungary (EUR 863,9 million).

The largest balance deficit was recorded in foreign-trade activity with Vietnam (EUR 4 460,1 million), the Republic of Korea (EUR 4 392,4 million), China (EUR 3 230,1million), the Russian Federation (EUR 2 550,4 million), Malaysia (EUR 481,3 million), Taiwan (EUR 416,3 million), Japan (EUR 344,8 million), Ukraine (EUR 200,6 million) and with India (EUR 200,4 million).

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