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Turnover in Slovakia increased in January

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Turnover in Slovakia increased, in January 2017 in comparison with December 2016, in construction by 5,8%, information and communication by 5% and in selected market services by 0,9%.

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There was a decrease of turnover only in transportation and storage by 1,5%. Turnover remained unchanged in industry.

Development in January 2017 compared with January 2016

Turnover in industry rose by 7,3%, year-on-year. The development was affected by an increase recorded in electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning supply by 16,2%, mining and quarrying by 13,2%, water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation by 5,5% and in manufacturing by 5,4%.

The most significant increase was recorded in electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning supply (by 16,2%), manufacture of basic metal and fabricated metal products except machinery and equipment (by 20,8%), manufacture of transport equipment (by 4,5%), manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. (by 16,7%) and in other manufacture, repair and installation of machinery and equipment (by 13,3%).

Turnover decreased only in manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products (by 21,9%) and in manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (by 10,3%).

In January 2017, turnover in construction continued to decrease, year-on-year. Compared with January 2016, it declined by 12,1%.

Turnover in transportation and storage continued to increase from the previous year.

Compared with January 2016, it increased by 8,2% as a result of a turnover growth in land transport and transport via pipelines by 7,4%, warehousing and support activities for transportation by 9,1%, postal and courier activities by 10,8% and in water transport by 10,7%. There was a decrease of turnover only in air transport by 0,1%.

In January 2017, turnover in information and communication increased for the second month in a row, after previous year-on-year decline during the second half of 2016.

Compared with January 2016, turnover was higher by 16%. It increased in computer programming by 32,5%, telecommunications by 3,2%, information service by 14,4%, publishing activities by 15,1% and in motion picture, video and television programme production by 10,1%.

Turnover decrease was recorded only in programming and broadcasting activities by 74,9%.

In selected market services, total turnover rose by 11,9%. The development was affected mainly by a turnover growth recorded in administrative, office support and other business support activities by 15,9%, gambling and betting activities by 11,7% and in real estate activities by 8,2%.

A decline of turnover was registered mainly in advertising and market research by 4,7%, architectural and engineering activities by 2,6% and in security and investigation activities by 5,9%.

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