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9,946 PCR tests confirm 2,760 new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria

Christian Fernsby |
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Bulgaria reached 45,461 after PCR tests identified 2,760 new infections in a day.

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The test positivity rate now stands 27.74 per cent.

Sofia City Region tops the list of new cases with 1,075 positive tests, followed by Plovdiv Region with 206, Blagoevgrad Region with 160, and Varna Region with 146.

A total of 690,690 PCR tests have been performed since the first infections were diagnosed on March 8. The active cases are 25,105. The infected medical staff now totals 2,087 (770 doctors, 691 nurses, 287 orderlies, 46 feldshers and 293 other).

Currently, the hospitalized patients number 2,316, including 162 in intensive care. Another 216 coronavirus patients have recovered over the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 19,159. Thirty-six more fatalities were reported, and the death toll now totals 1,197.

Deputy Health Minister Boyko Penkov told the weekly news briefing of the National Coronavirus Task Force on Friday that Bulgaria ranks 21st in the EU and 2nd in the Balkans in coronavirus morbidity and 10th in the EU and 4th in the Balkans in coronavirus mortality. The number of new infections has topped 120 per 100,000 population over the last six days, and it is climbing daily.

Most new cases are diagnosed in the 20-60 age group. Among schoolchildren, the number of infected 5th to 12th graders is increasing. Of the medical staff who have tested positive for the virus, 37 per cent are doctors and 33 per cent nurses.

Another alarming trend is the growing number of hospitalized patients and of those in intensive care, who account for 7 per cent of the total admitted to hospital with this diagnosis, Dr Penkov said. The death toll is rising, too, and it has increased by 50 per cent over the last week alone. The largest proportion of victims (32 per cent) is in the 70-79 age group.

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